Mira Heino

Successful treatment stems from the customer's needs

Cosmetologist Mira Heino is a skin care professional, with a background in care work. Mira’s treatments are all about meeting the customer’s individual needs, which form the basis of a treatment plan. Her treatments include various facial treatments, exfoliation, skin cleaning and instructions on the proper used of products and make-up.

“Our holistic treatment begins with a discussion with the customer. The best aspect of my work consists of meeting customers and achieving visible results, such as in the treatment of pigment disorders or restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance, on the basis of a joint commitment. Good care consists of assessing the situation, a treatment chosen to meet the customer’s needs, and instructions on how to care for the skin at home.”

Continuous learning is important to Mira, and she closely follows the latest developments in the field.

“Although cosmetologists treat healthy skin, it is very useful to know about various skin conditions and problems. If you don’t know something, you should find out about it, and there’s plenty to learn as the field continuously develops. At the Skin Hospital, I can refer a customer to a dermatologist if necessary; cooperation is the best recipe for success.”

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Special expertise

  • Facial treatments and exfoliation
  • Cleaning of the skin
  • Make-up and concealer make-up tips





  • Cosmetologist

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