Dermatologists specialise in diagnosing and treating allergies. In the case of allergies that cause pulmonary symptoms, you can also consult a lung specialist. We also have specialists in childhood allergies. Whether you have contact dermatitis with skin symptoms, allergy with symptoms affecting the respiratory tract, or a food allergy, our experts will help you to find the cause and appropriate treatment. You can also have allergy tests taken without a referral.

See below to make an appointment. If you cannot find a suitable time or are uncertain about something, you can always call us on +358 (0)10 419 2000 and our staff will help you make an appointment.

Our skin disease and allergology specialists treat symptoms associated with allergies of the skin or respiratory tract.
We have specialists in treating the delicate skin of children and the related problems. You can contact our specialists concerning any skin condition.
Pulmonologists have expertise in allergies that result in symptoms of the respiratory tract and asthmatic symptoms.
You can confirm a suspected allergy with laboratory tests without a referral, which makes it easier to plan your treatment.