Cosmetologist services

Cosmetologist services

In the case of many skin diseases, the best results are obtained with a combination of a doctor’s and cosmetologist’s services. The services of a cosmetologist specialising in skin problems complement the Ihosairaala’s range and medical services.

Our cosmetologist Katja Khalifi has been specialising in the treatment of patients with skin problems and working alongside dermatologists for over 10 years. Katja offer the whole range of services, from mechanical cleaning to moisturising and rejuvenating treatments.

Our cosmetologists have long experience and are supported by cooperation with Ihosairaala’s experts and the pharmaceutical expertise of Nesi, the skin care specialist shop.

Read more about cosmetological treatments below. To make a reservation, click on the treatment and pick an available appointment time. For more information about the treatments, call 010 4192020 or phone our cosmetologist directly on 0406588448 (Katja Khalifi), or email her at
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The cosmetologist’s services include a wide range of treatments from effective exfoliation that refreshes your skin to mechanical cleaning of the skin, and skin analysis.


Exfoliation performed by a cosmetologist will rejuvenate your skin and improve its condition. We offer three types of exfoliation: light gel exfoliation, effective retinol exfoliation and dermatological combination treatments. Exfoliation takes 60 minutes and is performed with Medi-Derma products that are suitable to your skin type. Exfoliation is followed by a home care product, which can be bought from the Ihosairaala‘s Nesi shop.
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Mechanical cleaning of the skin and face massages

Skin cleaning will help you deal with comedos, or blackheads, on your face and elsewhere on your body. Before mechanical cleaning, the skin is cleaned with a product, exfoliated gently and steamed to open the pores. The treatment is completed with a soothing mask or serum, depending on the situation. You can also include a face massage and book a massage as a treat afterwards. Additional information about treatments is available here.
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Skin analysis

Caring for your skin at home is vital for your skin’s health. A cosmetological skin analysis will identify your skin type, resulting in individual instructions on how to care for your skin at home, complete with products that will improve the condition of your skin. Conditions in Finland, and its four seasons, largely determine how our skin should be cared for, and you should check regularly with our experts to ensure that you have the proper home care products.


Personal instructions for medical make-up

Medical make-up can be used as a supplementary treatment for many skin conditions. Our cosmetologist will instruct you on how to create a medical make-up that covers any unwanted features. This includes the selection of a suitable product and a test make-up. We use Dermablend and Couvrance products that are suitable for problem skin.


Price list

Treatment Price
Gel exfoliation 60 min EUR 119
Intensive gel exfoliation 60 min EUR 149
Retinol exfoliation 60 min EUR 149
Combination treatment 60 min EUR 209
Intensive combination treatment 60 min EUR 249
DNA Recovery 60 min EUR 149
Intense DNA Recovery 60 min EUR 209–249
Concealer make-up tips 30 min EUR 30
Skin analysis 45 min EUR 69
Facial treatment, mechanical cleaning of skin 75 min EUR 89
Facial treatment, mechanical cleaning of skin + face massage 90 min EUR 109
Face massage + face mask suitable for skin type 45 min EUR 69
Cleaning of young person's skin (up to 17 yrs) 75 min EUR 75
Removal of milium cysts (small area) EUR 79
Removal of milium cysts (large area) EUR 119
Permanent tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows 30 min EUR 40
Permanent tinting of eyebrows 30 min EUR 30
Tinting of eyebrows in connection with other treatment EUR 25
Basic manicure EUR 65

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