See a plastic surgeon

See a plastic surgeon

A plastic surgeon is an expert in cosmetic treatments. You can make an appointment with a plastic surgeon regarding any issues with your appearance, whether this concerns a problem caused by an illness or a purely cosmetic procedure.

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Our plastic surgeon’s services include:

  • Smoothing of wrinkles and lines
  • Scar removal and smoothing of acne scars
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Mole removals

The need for treatment is assessed during the first consultation

The clinical pathway begins with a consultation to assess the patient’s situation and treatment goals, before any actual treatment is started. This is when you can discuss your needs, goals and anything that’s on your mind. The plastic surgeon will talk to you and explain suitable treatment alternatives and the results that can be obtained with them. You will also receive information about any preparation for the procedure, and the risks and postoperative instructions.

Decisions are always made jointly by the patient and plastic surgeon. If the benefits obtained with the procedure are assessed as outweighing the risks, you can make an appointment for the procedure. In many cases, moles can be removed and injections to smooth out facial lines given during the first consultation.

The price of procedures is determined on the basis of the time needed to perform them and the method used, and during the first consultation you will also be given a cost estimate of the procedure.

Smoothing of wrinkles and lines with injections

Injections are an effective and safe way to prevent signs of ageing on the skin. Crow’s feet lines, lines around the mouth and ‘Sibelius’ wrinkles on the forehead are typical areas for injection treatment. Injections can also be used to treat sagging from the cheekbones and temples, and excessive sweating in the armpits.

There are two types of injections: filler and botulinum toxin treatment. The plastic surgeon will assess the best method of obtaining optimal results. Injections are quick procedures and their results are immediately visible, without a long recovery period. Treatments can be administered during the first consultation. A separate time can be booked for them if necessary.

Scar removal with surgery and laser

Scar removal requires special expertise provided by a plastic surgeon. Scar removal can be carried out with a laser or, using skin grafts, the scar’s direction can be aligned with other lines on the skin to make the scar less conspicuous. In some cases, a deep scar can also be removed, or an indentation can be filled in with a subcutaneous fat transplant.

It should be noted that scars cannot be removed until about a year after they form. Scars heal slowly and you must first allow nature to take its course, in order to avoid unnecessary procedures.

The need for scar removal is always discussed during an appointment, before any procedures are carried out. The appointment’s purpose is to assess the goals and risks involved, and the realistic outcome. A suitable treatment is chosen, based on the discussion.

Eyelid surgery can be cosmetic or involve the treatment of an illness

Eyelid surgery is a very common, minor procedure for tired-looking or droopy eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is performed when upper eyelids have excess skin that disturbs the patient by pressing down on the eyelashes.

Excess skin on the upper lid can also cause muscle tension and headaches, by forcing the patient to raise his or her eyebrows in order to lighten the eyelids. In some cases, there is so much skin that the eyelids droop at the corners of the eye, restricting the field of vision. Surgery is then covered by public healthcare and qualifies for Kela reimbursement.

In every case, the eyelid surgery and individual treatment plan are discussed in advance at the clinic.

Mole removal with surgery and laser

Plastic surgeons are also experts at mole removals, including in challenging areas such as the face. A mole is typically removed if a skin alteration is suspected, but also if it causes discomfort or cosmetic problems.

Our plastic surgeons have a carbon dioxide laser with which certain types of moles can be quickly and effectively removed. Moles are also removed surgically, with the cosmetic effect of the procedure being assessed in advance. Plastic surgeons are experts at minimising the visible marks resulting from a procedure.

A single mole in an easy place can sometimes be removed during the first consultation, but a separate appointment is needed in most cases.

Plastic surgeons help with cosmetic problems that disrupt patients’ lives

A plastic surgeon can help you with cosmetic issues regardless of your age or gender. Such treatments are no more expensive than any other specialised medical care; in the same manner, the price includes the doctor’s fees and medical supplies required. Plastic surgeons are consulted by ordinary people seeking help for cosmetic problems that bother them.

Our plastic surgeon’s services include:

  • Smoothing of wrinkles and lines
  • Scar removal and smoothing of acne scars
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Mole removals

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