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Stitch removal

Stitch removal

All Ihosairaala’s procedures involving skin sutures, or stitches, include suture removal with no extra charge. Stitch removal is a quick procedure performed by a nurse; if necessary you will also receive instructions on later care of the surgical wound.

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Stitch removal is agreed upon when the procedure is performed

The kinds of sutures used greatly depends on the type of procedure and the wound made. After the procedure, the doctor will tell you when the sutures can be removed. This typically occurs 7, 10 or 14 days after the procedure.

Post-operative care of the surgical wound is important to ensuring an optimal cosmetic outcome. Sutures and bandages must be used as instructed, and surgical tape may also be used once the sutures have been removed. Depending on the situation, various types of scar dressing and creams may be used to speed up healing. 

Scar treatment products are available from the shop in the Ihosairaala’s premises and the online shop.

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