Freezing of wart

Freezing of wart

Warts are small but can be annoying, and there is no need to suffer due to them. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, of which more than a hundred varieties are known. Wart treatment is based on either removing or reducing the wart, and activating the body’s immune response to the wart virus.

However, it may take a long time for a wart to heal. Children recover more quickly, and 70% of warts heal on their own within two years. For adults, the process may be slow, lasting up to 5–10 years.

Freezing a wart may often be performed by a nurse

The Skin Hospital treats warts with an effective liquid nitrogen treatment, or cryotherapy. The procedure may be performed by a dermatologist or nurse. We have nurses specialising in skin diseases, who can freeze your warts. Freezing is an effective and inexpensive way to deal with annoying warts. A doctor’s referral is not needed for wart freezing performed by a nurse. The total price is EUR 110.65, and more than one wart can be frozen during a single appointment.

Wart freezing by a nurse is only recommended for the removal of warts that are not located on the face, mucous membranes, the genital area or close to a nail. Genital warts must be dealt with by a dermatologist. Likewise, if you have any warts on the face, mucous membranes or close to a nail, or warts that are otherwise unclear, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist.
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Procedures performed by nurses Price (incl. outpatient clinic fee)
Cryo treatment (wart freezing) 110.65 €
Narrow-band UVB light treatment, single session 52.74 €
Narrow-band UVB light treatment, 5 sessions 165.59 €
Narrow-band UVB light treatment, 15 sessions 405.82 €
Iontophoresis treatment (excessive sweating), 1st session 51.99 €
Iontophoresis treatment (excessive sweating), 10 sessions 332.42 €

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LL, Ihotautien ja allergologian erikoislääkäri
Head nurse, Nurse, Wound nurse
Nurse, cosmetologist
LL, Ihotauteihin ja allergologiaan erikoistuva lääkäri
LL, ihotauteihin erikoistuva lääkäri
LL, ihotauteihin ja allergologiaan erikoistuva lääkäri
LL, ihotauteihin ja allergologiaan erikoistuva lääkäri
Licentiate of Medicine, Doctor specialising in skin diseases

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