Book allergy tests directly

Book allergy tests directly

Many people are bothered by allergies, but it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is causing the symptoms. Simple allergy tests can help determine what you are allergic to. You can have such tests done without a doctor’s referral. When the cause of the allergy is known, it is easier to avoid the cause, or find a suitable medical or desensitisation treatment.
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Allergy is the common name for a situation in which the body’s defence system overreacts to an external stimulus. This could be a substance that has come into contact with the skin, or pollen that has entered the respiratory system.

Pollen allergies are common – properly timed preparation helps

The commonest causes of allergies in the Finnish summer are pollens that bother many people, causing respiratory tract symptoms, and itchiness and dryness of the eyes. The pollen season often begins in March when alder and the common hazel start blossoming, followed by birch in April and May. Various hays cause symptoms in mid and late summer.

Treatment of pollen allergy begins with an allergy test. It is important to find out what is causing the allergy, because this helps patients to prepare in time. Medication is often started well before there is any pollen in the air. Identifying the allergen also enables the possibility of desensitisation as a permanent solution.

Affordable tests for allergens you are worried about

The Ihosairaala provides a wide range of tests with which you can identify the possible cause of an allergy. An allergy diagnosis will help you to identify the right medicines, and to prepare for the allergy season based on the correct timing in the case of pollen allergies. Our experts also provide desensitisation treatment, which provides permanent relief from allergies.

Allergies are diagnosed using blood tests, with no need to stop taking your allergy medicine. We perform tests without a doctor’s referral and post the results to your home address. For additional information about tests and a list of available allergens, please see here >
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Allergy test Price Discount
1 allergen (S -IgE) EUR 53.92 -
2 allergens (S -IgE) EUR 102.84 – EUR 5
3 allergens (S -IgE) EUR 146.76 – EUR 15
4 allergens (S -IgE) EUR 185.68 – EUR 30
5 allergens (S -IgE) EUR 224.60 – EUR 45
Further allergens (S -IgE) + EUR 38.92 / each – EUR 15 / each
Allergy groups (S -Ige-Sse) EUR 65,64 -
Allergy groups (S -Ige-Sse) EUR 54.34 (in connection with other examination) – EUR 7
Basic screening and itemisation for the commonest allergens (S -Ige-Pse) EUR 162.92 -

In addition to individual allergens, we have tests for groups of allergies and, for the commonest respiratory tract and food allergens, basic screening test

Avoid pointless tests for food allergies

We do not recommend testing for food allergies without a doctor’s referral, because the tests will not necessarily reveal the whole truth. The test values may be high even if there is no allergic reaction, or due to factors such as cross-reactivity. In the case of food allergies, you should take note of your own symptoms and seek expert help, where necessary.

On the other hand, an allergy test can help to identify pollen, animal and other allergies. In terms of medication and desensitisation treatments, please contact our skin disease and allergology specialists and in terms of respiratory tract symptoms and pollen allergies our pulmonologists.
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