TCA exfoliation

TCA exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation of the skin is an effective treatment for both ageing skin and acne scars. The treatment is performed by a dermatologist, using trichloracetic acid (TCA), which is left on the skin for a while before being neutralised.

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TCA exfoliation is an effective and safe treatment that rejuvenates and smooths the skin’s surface layer. Exfoliation lightens and smooths the skin, evens out lines and wrinkles, and makes the skin more supple and clearer. It also evens out your skin colour, lightening melasmas and other skin discolourations.

Chemical exfoliation is mainly performed for cosmetic, anti-aging reasons, but it can also smooth acne scars. The best seasons for treatments are autumn, winter and spring, because you must protect your skin from sunlight for one month. The treated skin must be free of active infections and rashes. If the customer has recurring cold sores, prophylactic medication must be started one day before the treatment.

Cleaning, effect, neutralisation

At the beginning of the treatment, the skin is cleaned carefully, and the eyes and other surrounding areas are covered. You should arrive for the treatment without any make-up. This is followed by the actual treatment, in which an 18% solution of TCA is spread over the treated areas with a cotton stick. This is done in layers, the number of which are decided on a case-by-case basis.

The patient soon experiences a stinging and burning sensation on the face, which is quite normal. The skin begins to redden; when a white frost appears, the exfoliation has reached the right depth. The exfoliation reaction is halted with neutralising bandages, which stop the burning sensation fairly quickly. After the treatment, a repair cream is applied to the face.  

The results will be visible in about a week

On the treatment day and the day after, the skin on the face will typically turn a red-brown colour. After two days, the skin will dry intensely and begin to peel off. It is very important not to touch the skin as it peels, just let the process take its course. Dry skin should be treated several times a day with a suitable moisturising or base cream.

The treatment’s results are visible about a week after the treatment, once the skin has peeled off and the reddening fades. A single treatment will visibly improve the skin, but for the best results the treatment can be repeated several times (for example, if you have acne scars).

At the Ihosairaala, TCA exfoliations are performed by dermatologist Leena Ackerman, who has long experience of providing cosmetic treatments. You can book an appointment online. Remember to book a double appointment, that is, two consecutive 20-minute appointments.

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