PrEP – Prevention of HIV

PrEP – Prevention of HIV

PrEP treatment consists of medication taken before HIV infection. It is designed for persons who have a higher-than-average infection risk.

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PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, which means it is a medication taken before infection has occurred. The PrEP drug is an antiretroviral combination drug. 

The necessity for the treatment is assessed with a doctor

The doctor assesses the patient’s situation before PrEP treatment is begun. Because treatment requires regular blood tests monitored by the doctor who prescribed the medication, the patient must be committed to the treatment. The drug must be taken regularly as prescribed by the doctor to ensure that it works, with the treatment continuing for as long as there is a higher risk of infection.

PrEP drugs are not eligible for Kela compensation.

Effective and safe way to prevent HIV

PrEP treatment is an effective way to prevent HIV, and studies have shown that patients who have used the drug as prescribed have not been infected. This means that PrEP also reduces the number of HIV infections at population level. The treatment has been applied successfully around the world for many years and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has drawn up a national treatment recommendation.

It is important to remember that PrEP does not prevent infection by other sexually transmitted diseases or diseases transmitted through blood; using a condom and clean syringes and needles is important at all times.

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