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See a podiatrist

See a podiatrist

Podiatrists are highly trained experts in the comprehensive examination, treatment and rehabilitation of the lower limbs. The expertise of a foot therapist is required in the treatment of illness-related foot problems. Treatment begins with an examination of the feet, after which an individual treatment plan is drawn up for the treatment of existing problems and to prevent new ones from occurring.

The podiatrist treats various issues, such as nail alterations, ingrown nails, warts on the feet, lesions and hard skin. Our podiatrists are also experts in wound care and know how to deal with mechanical aids, such as relief features and therapeutic shoes.

Foot therapist's services Price Includes outpatient clinic fee
Foot therapist's reception 45 min 70 € 82 €
Single toe orthosis made of silicone: small 20 €20 €
Single toe orthosis made of silicone: medium-sized 30 € 30 €
Single toe orthosis made of silicone: large 40 € 40 €

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