Tanja Toivonen

Foot therapist
"There are no spare parts for the feet, so we need to take care of them"

Tanja Toivonen is an experienced foot therapist who treats a variety of skin, nail and positioning problems of the feet. Tanja became a foot therapist having worked as a practical nurse and realising how important feet are to people’s wellbeing. You cannot buy spare parts for your feet, so you need to take good care of them.

“Skin diseases are often accompanied by foot problems that can make daily life difficult. Continuous pain caused by hard skin, warts or lesions, or stiffness of the joints caused by an illness, can restrict mobility considerably, and incorrect positions affect the whole body. I enjoy working with patients, particularly being able to help and make them feel better.”

Tanja has long experience of foot treatment and foot problems related to skin diseases. She always begins by interviewing patients and listening to what they have to say, because Tanja knows that everyone is the best expert on their own feet. This results in an individual treatment plan to solve the problems in the best possible way.  


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Special expertise




  • Consultation 45 min: €60/70 outpatient clinic fee included
  • Silicone toe orthoses: Small €20, medium-sized €30, large €40


  • Foot therapist, Bachelor's Prices

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