About us

The skin hospital is a comprehensive competence center for skin care
Ihosairaalan vastaanotto

About us

The skin hospital is a comprehensive competence center for skin care

Ihosairaala is a private clinic founded by dermatologists, and provides a comprehensive range of treatments for skin conditions, allergies and sexually transmitted diseases as well as plastic surgery services. We are a fully Finnish clinic and one of the largest skin care units in Europe.

  • Finland’s 1st private skin hospital
  • more than 50 physicians
  • hundreds of years of experience in treating skin conditions
  • 15% of Finland’s dermatologists under the same roof


The cornerstones of our culture are community spirit, respect and equality. We are a world-class dermatology clinic with a wide range of treatments, whose key principles can be summed up by three cherished values: respect for our patients, a quality-based approach and specialisation. These also combine to form our promise to our patients: we provide the best possible dermatological treatment by listening and caring. 

Valuing the patients

We value our patients and treat nothing we do as trivial if it affects someone’s life. Listening, understanding and genuinely interacting with the patient are the cornerstones of high-quality treatment, to which our doctors and staff are committed. 


High-quality treatment and a comprehensive service are our key assets. We bring together specialists in dermatology and provide them with a forum for discussions and development important to improving treatment. We believe in quality and collaboration between specialists, which enables the best possible treatment, a pleasant working environment, and a basis for professional development.


We are the largest private centre of expertise in Finland that treats skin conditions, allergies and sexually transmitted diseases. Because this is our focus, it is an area of excellence for us. Our treatment follows research-based recommendations in every case and our experts include several authors of the ‘Käypä’ Current Care Guidelines, and Chief Medical Officers from teaching hospitals.

A specialist in skin care ‒ NESI

Various forms of local treatment and, in the case of chronic conditions, home care are key elements. That is why our specialist services are complemented by NESI, Finland’s only skin care store that sells cosmetic dermatology products and focuses exclusively on hair and skin care.

NESI products are intended for Finnish skin. Its unique concept includes the joint inspection of products by a pharmacist and dermatologist. Only high-quality products, in which we believe, qualify for sale via NESI. As well as a brick-and-mortar store, NESI has a webstore at nesi.fi