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Fat grafting for breast augmentation

Fat grafting for breast augmentation

Structural fat grafting is a natural way to enlarge and shape the breasts using the body’s own fat.

Fat grafting is a natural alternative to breast augmentation by means of implants. Fat tissue from the person’s body can be grafted on to the breasts to add a moderate amount of roundness and fullness. The body must have enough fat to use for the procedure.

The person’s wishes and the realistically achievable results are always discussed during a consultation with a plastic surgeon before booking an appointment for the procedure. The procedure is planned on an individual basis, with the most appropriate treatment being chosen to meet the person’s specific needs.

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Breast augmentation by structural fat grafting

Breast augmentation, firming and contouring can make use of fat grafting from the person’s own body. Fat grafting is the transplantation of some of the patient’s own fatty tissue from elsewhere in the body to the breast area. The aim is for the transplanted fat tissue to attach to the new area and form its own blood circulation, thereby acting as a natural part of the body.

Breast augmentation with fat grafting requires that the patient has enough fat in their body for the transplant. Sufficient fat can usually be obtained from areas such as the abdomen or the back and side region around the waist or the buttocks or thighs, but for a very thin person this may not be possible.

Fat grafting is suitable for moderate breast augmentation

Breast augmentation by fat grafting is a common procedure, and often the most suitable method when the person wants just a little more roundness and softness in the breasts. Such a goal, for example an increase in cup size by about half, can often be achieved with fat grafting in just a single procedure. In fat grafting, usually about 50% to 80% of the fat transferred becomes fixed in place, and the final result is seen after two to three months. The procedure can be repeated if necessary.

Reaching the desired breast size may therefore require the procedure to be repeated, for example twice or more in some cases. However, if the patient wants to increase their breast size by more than one cup size, fat grafting is not recommended – implants are a better solution.

Fat grafting for a natural and permanent result

The advantage of fat grafting is that the procedure uses the patient’s own tissue, which then naturally functions as part of the body in the breast area. A person’s breasts grow as they gain weight, and shrink with weight loss.

The result of fat grafting is natural, and does not require any further corrective measures. By comparison, implants have a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years, after which a repeat operation is needed to replace them. Fat grafting, by contrast, is a permanent option that does not require further surgery.

Fast recovery from fat grafting

Fat grafting is a relatively minor procedure, and the person can usually return to work after just a week. There will usually be pain in the area where the fat is taken from for a few days after the procedure, and bruising may occur. To ensure optimal adherence of the fatty tissue, the breast area should be kept warm for at least two weeks. A supportive textile must be used in the area from where the fat is taken for about two weeks after the procedure. This allows the area to recover, leaving no uneven thickness or fluid build-up.

Fat grafting takes two to three hours, depending on the extent of the procedure, and is often performed under local anaesthetic. General anaesthetic is also possible if the patient so wishes.

Fat grafting scars are only a few millimetres long, both in the areas where the fat is taken from and in the areas to which it is grafted. The locations of the scars are planned in advance during the consultation to be as well hidden as possible. Individualised instructions will also be given for scar treatment to minimise scarring.

The final aesthetic result of fat grafting for breast augmentation is visible about two to three months after the procedure. At this time it is possible to see how much of the grafted fat tissue has adhered to the breast area.

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