Pia Heino,

Pia Heino

Medical Doctor, plastic surgery specialist
"It is important for me that I can justify my decisions and reasons for treatment to the customers"

“My work is really varied. I get to treat patients of all ages, from children to old people, and I have to master various aspects of plastic surgery comprehensively. I enjoy being able to work on things that require precision. I like minor procedures, because they allow me to work with great accuracy, and I can see the outcome of my work right away. 

Pia Heino’s job description at the Ihosairaala includes the removal of moles, tumours, lipomas, skin alterations and skin cancer. Operations and injection treatments require precision, which is something Pia is very good at. 

“I have received feedback that I’m very conscientious and precise in my work. I’m also easy to approach and I enjoy working with patients. It is important for me that I can justify my decisions and reasons for treatment to the customers – once we agree on something with the customer, the treatment result is always excellent.” 


Pia Heino, specialist in plastic surgery, feels that she is first and foremost her customers’ helper. 

“It makes me genuinely happy when I’ve completed some difficult surgery and the patient is happy with the result, getting the help they needed.” 

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  • 30 min 112€*

The doctor’s appointment fee also includes all the textual documentation in the patient record system, as well as the time it takes to study possible pre-information. On top of the specialist appointment fee we charge an out patient fee of 31,82 €, that covers the cost for e-recepies and the Kanta-fee. Possible examinations and proceedings during the appointment are charged separately. The Kela-compensation is not observed in the list prices. You can study and compare various cost estimates on our price list.


  • Medical Doctor
  • Plastic surgery specialist