Plastiikkakirurgisten hoitojen maksuton konsultaatio

Consultation for plastic surgery treatments €0

Consultation for plastic surgery treatments €0

Whether you have a cosmetic problem due to illness, a scar caused by an accident, changes due to ageing, or simply want to improve your skin, you can visit us for a free consultation.
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Being happy with your own skin and appearance has a major effect on quality of life. Our skin is subject to a lot of ‘wear’ during our lives, and blemishes or marks can be treated with a range of methods. Many treatments also make your skin easier to care for: when the skin is healthy, it is easier to look after.  

Finding the proper treatment can be difficult; which is where a professional viewpoint is useful. Most procedures require a prior consultation. The purpose of a consultation is to obtain a realistic idea of the results that can be achieved, any risks involved, and to find a treatment that is suitable for the case in question.  

Free consultation 

During a free consultation, an experienced cosmetic surgery nurse will discuss the customer’s needs, in order to find a suitable treatment alternative and give a cost estimate. Only at the end of the consultation is an appointment made for the actual procedure. However, a consultation does not commit the customer to anything. 

The Ihosairaala’s cosmetic treatments have been tested to ensure that they are effective and safe. They are intended to rejuvenate the skin’s condition and appearance in a way that suits the customer. Our range of services extends from exfoliation to injections, photodynamic therapy to lasers, and from microneedling to plastic surgery procedures.  

Depending on the type of cosmetic treatment in question, care is provided by various professionals, cosmetologists, nurses, dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Learn about our cosmetic treatments > 

Book a time for a consultation with a plastic surgeon nurse > 

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