Skin care specialist shop NESI

Ihonhoidon erikoisliike NESI

Skin care specialist shop NESI

The Ihosairaala’s services are supplemented by NESI, a skin care specialist shop where Ihosairaala’s patients and anyone interested in skin care can obtain expert assistance from a pharmacist when selecting skin care products. The brick-and-mortar shop operates on the Ihosairaala’s premises, and NESI products are also available from its online shop. NESI’s selection also includes home care products recommended by the Ihosairaala’s cosmetologist.
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NESI has its roots in the 16th century. The word ‘NESI’, meaning ‘vitality and liquid’, has been in use in Finland for 500 years. We wanted to honour this ancient word by creating a service with the vision of offering the best help in Finland for skin care at home.

NESI was created due to the need for a place that promotes genuine skin care expertise. We offer individual service, counselling and guidance, and tested, high-quality products chosen with Finnish skin types in mind.

NESI is Finland’s only shop that sells dermocosmetics and focuses solely on skin and hair care. NESI’s unique concept includes the joint selection of products by a pharmacist and dermatologist. We only sell quality products that we believe in.

Individual counselling at the shop and online

We take skin care seriously at NESI. We know that it can be difficult to find just the right kind of skin care product. We also serve anyone with special skin care needs: sensitive skin, oily skin, skin that burns easily, skin that is dry or has impurities, sunburnt skin, old skin or problems with the scalp.

We excel at skin care because we specialise exclusively in it. NESI is the only dermocosmetics retailer operated by dermatologists, and its operations are guided by quality, service and expertise.
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