Henna Ahomies

Licentiate of Medicine, Doctor specialising in skin diseases
"It is important to take into account the effect a skin disease can have on a patient’s quality of life."

Henna Ahomies has been working at the Helsinki University Hospital’s Skin and Allergy Hospital for her specialisation for a number of years, including a number of periods in different central hospitals. She will complete her dermatology specialisation in spring 2024.

She finds dermatology interesting owing to its visual nature and versatility: there is a great number of skin diseases to make diagnosing them interesting and varied. This great variety also ensures that you can always learn more and develop professionally. She also likes to be able to do things with her own hands, in the form of small procedures.

Henna is known as an empathetic and easily approachable doctor who gets to the bottom of things. She focuses on listening to the patient, trying to understand their concerns as well as possible. She always keeps in mind the great impact skin diseases can have on the patient’s quality of life.

Henna treats all manner of skin diseases, such as the commonest ones: acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, and sexually transmitted diseases. She also checks moles and performs small procedures, such as mole removal on the torso and extremities (not on the face), and cryotherapy. Henna treats patients of all ages, and like especially to treat children and young people. and is especially fond of treating children and young people.

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