Ian Barner-Rasmussen

Medical Doctor, plastic surgery specialist
“It is important for me that the patient feels completely safe during the consultation and the procedure."

“It is often said that plastic surgeons treat their patients from head to toe, and from babies to grandparents, and plastic surgery is surely the most diverse kind of surgery. The name is derived from the Greek word plastikē, meaning ‘to mould’, and that indeed is the plastic surgeon’s job: to repair, restore or improve the form and operation of tissue.”   

Ian specialises in surgery in the head and neck area, skin cancer surgery and soft tissue tumours. Focusing on and listening to the patient are the core of the treatment, helping Ian to arrive at the best possible solution and treatment, considering the patient’s life situation.   

“It is important for me that the patient feels completely safe during the consultation and the procedure. And when I operate, I concentrate fully on what I’m doing, and I’m extremely meticulous.”  

The recipe for a successful outcome consists of, on the one hand, a customer that knows exactly what is going to be done and what the expected result will be, and on the other hand a surgeon that is fully committed to achieving the best possible outcome. “Complete trust between the two, with a touch of humour. Humour is okay during a consultation, as laughter is an excellent antidote against tension.” 

Surgical treatment of skin cancers and benign skin alterations anywhere on the body are Ian’s special expertise. He also specialises in the removal and correction of any larger alterations with transfers and flaps, minimising scarring.   

“I am also good at the diagnostics and treatment of various subcutaneous and even deeper growths and tumours. I can also treat and repair old scars and amputation stump problems.”  

“I am intrigued by the creative aspect of my work, and applying it to find the best possible treatment for each patient.” 

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Special expertise

  • Procedures in the facial area
  • Upper and lower eyelid operations
  • Demanding removal of moles and skin alterations using transfers and flaps
  • Skin cancer
  • Lumps (soft tissue)
  • Scars / Scar treatment




  • 30min 131,25€*
  • 60min 210,00€*
  • In accordance with actual treatment in the case of any examinations and procedures performed.

The doctor’s appointment fee also includes all the textual documentation in the patient record system, as well as the time it takes to study possible pre-information. On top of the specialist appointment fee we charge an out patient fee of 31,82 €, that covers the cost for e-recepies and the Kanta-fee. Possible examinations and proceedings during the appointment are charged separately. The Kela-compensation is not observed in the list prices. You can study and compare various cost estimates on our price list.


  • Medical doctor
  • Plastic surgery specialist