Dermatological MediDerma exfoliation treatments

Dermatological MediDerma exfoliation treatments

Dermatological exfoliation is suitable for the treatment of a number of skin problems. Exfoliation is performed with an acid product, after which the active substances work more efficiently. Treatment is tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Exfoliation is suitable for practically any skin type, but not if the skin is already inflamed. Depending on the situation, exfoliation is done either during a single session, or a series of treatments.
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Superficial MediDerma exfoliation for the face

Chemical exfoliation using acids will speed up the removal of dead skin cells and the natural regeneration of skin. Any coarse, lifeless layer is removed from the skin, after which we revitalise the dermis. The treatments provide fast and visible results: the skin turns clean, soft and regains its natural humidity and colour.
Chemical exfoliation is suitable for a range of skin problems, such as skin impurities, acne skin, rosacea, dry skin, ageing of the skin due to sunlight, couperosa, wrinkles, lines and hyperpigmentation.
The active ingredients in the treatments are usually various fruit acids. The exfoliation is performed as a series of four treatments, but a single treatment can also serve as an individual special treatment. A superficial acid exfoliation is painless and does not cause peeling. The treatment is always determined individually on the basis of the skin.

Retinol exfoliation

Retinol exfoliation is a gentle, superficial exfoliation that can be performed as a one-off, serial or continuous treatment. It suits all skin types during any season. Vitamin A, that is retinol, balances the skin’s keratinisation processes and, above all, speeds up skin regeneration. Its beneficial properties also include the reduction of pigment spots and the ability to even out your skin colour. It prevents pores from being blocked and the surface layer from drying.
The various forms of retinol are effective revitalisers that can reduce wrinkling and make the skin more flexible. Retinol treatments will result in a superficial peeling of the skin for 3 days. The cosmetologist will tailor the treatment for each customer.

Combination treatments

A combination treatment is an effective chemical exfoliation, using alcohol and retinol. It will result in a considerable and visible peeling. The treatment requires preparation (superficial gel exfoliation + home care products for 7–30 days), after which the cosmetologist will perform the dermatological treatment.
Treatment must be continued at home for 14–30 days with revitalising products. We also recommend a smoothing treatment by a cosmetologist 2–3 days after the treatment. The cosmetologist will check the skin’s condition and proper use of home care products, with the customer obtaining reassurance that the skin reaction is normal. The treatment enables avoidance of some effects of skin exfoliation, such as excessive dryness and irritation.

Home care will complement the exfoliation and complete the end result

Following any exfoliation treatment, it is vital that customers remember to use the home care products prescribed by the cosmetologist for their personal situation. Home care products are essential during exfoliation treatments. The products are available from the Nesi shop, which is open for business on the same premises as the Skin Hospital. 
If you are interested in acid exfoliation, book a consultation with a cosmetologist, who will go through the procedure step by step, and you will receive personal advice on skin care. Contact us by phone on +358 (0)406588448 or send an email to You can also make an appointment online.
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