Mechanical cleaning of the skin and face massages

Mechanical cleaning of the skin and face massages

Mechanical cleaning of the skin will help you to get rid of comedos, or blackheads, and improve the condition of your skin. A preliminary face massage can be included in the treatment. There may not always be a need for skin cleaning or special facial treatments. You are welcome to make an appointment with our cosmetologist, even if you only want a relaxing face massage.
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Mechanical cleaning of the skin

Skin cleaning will help you deal with comedos, or blackheads, on your face and elsewhere on your body. Our cosmetologist will clean the skin with a product suitable for your skin type, after which the skin can be exfoliated. Exfoliation will help to remove blackheads and improve the absorption of other care products.
After exfoliation, the facial skin is warmed with steam to open up the pores and remove impurities as gently as possible. After that, depending on the situation, either a soothing serum or a mask is applied. The treatment is completed with a soothing or balancing cream, and possibly with a light concealer, such as a tinted day cream.
You can also include a face massage, which will soften and prepare the skin for cleaning. The massage may include only the face and neck, or be extended to the shoulders. There are certain situations in which a massage is not recommended alongside mechanical cleaning. Acne or skin with plenty of pustules, for example, should not be massaged.
Mechanical cleaning of the skin can also be done elsewhere on the body, such as the back, shoulders or décolleté. Please mention these issues when booking an appointment, so that the cosmetologist can reserve enough time for the treatment.
Please note that, for 12 hours following any skin cleaning treatments, you should avoid going into the sauna or solarium, sunbathing, doing sport that will make you sweaty, or any mechanical stimuli. The skin needs to rest after cleaning

Face massage

A face massage is a wonderful treatment during which a cosmetologist will use whichever intensive skincare product your skin needs, whether your skin is dry, sensitive or perhaps lacking in vitality following an illness. The treatment is concluded with a face mask or repair cream.
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