Jaana Panelius

Docent, Medical Doctor, specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases

Skin disease specialist Jaana Panelius works as the chief specialist in Helsinki University Hospital’s skin disease clinic. She guides and consults specialising physicians and specialists, teaches medical students, and takes part in the clinic’s research projects on the skin symptoms of Lyme’s disease and connective tissue diseases.

She is also in charge of the outpatient clinics for connective tissue diseases (such as dermatomyositis, scleroderma and systemic lupus erythematosus, or simply lupus) and autoimmune diseases involving blisters (such as pemphigoid, pemphigus and dermatitis herpetiformis.


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Special expertise

  • acne and other sebaceous gland conditions
  • Cutaneous Lyme borreliosis and other skin infections
  • assessment of moles and skin cancers, and surgical procedures
  • - psoriasis
  • - blistering disorders
  • - connective tissue disease




  • 20 min €90 / €97.50, including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee
  • 30 min €120 / €124.50, including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee
  • In accordance with actual treatment in the case of any examinations and procedures performed.


  • Docent 2011, University of Helsinki
  • Medical Doctor 2003, University of Helsinki
  • Specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases, 1997, University of Helsinki
  • Licentiate of Medicine 1984, University of Helsinki