Ihotautien ja allergologian erikoislääkäri

Martta Jokinen

Licentiate of Medicine, skin disease and allergology specialist

Martta Jokinen has ten years of experience as a doctor. At the Skin Hospital, she treats skin diseases, specialising in scalp problems.

Her thoroughness makes a big impression on patients. She emphasises that it is one of the doctor’s duties to help the patients themselves to understand and control their illness. She discusses the patient’s needs with them carefully to determine the most appropriate treatment, with no rush.

As a child, Martta says, she wanted to become a hairdresser, but as she grew older she developed a fascination with the natural sciences and eventually decided that her calling was to be a doctor.

“My dream has been fulfilled beyond my expectations, because as a dermatologist I get to treat skin and its subsidiary organs using scientific methods.”

Martta describes herself as a visual person. “Not many people consider a doctor’s work to be that visual.” An acute sense of observation helps to reach the right diagnosis. Martta finds it particularly rewarding to be able to find a diagnosis for something that has been bothering a patient for a long time, and find the right treatment to improve their quality of life.

Please note that for a first visit related to hair loss and for all procedures a 40 minutes time slot should be reserved – so book two consecutive 20-minute sessions.

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Special expertise

  • Hair loss
  • Balding
  • Rashes
  • Mild and medium acne
  • Moles and skin transformations
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Allergology




  • 20min 120,00 €*
  • 30min 160,00 €*
  • 40min 200,00 €*

The doctor’s appointment fee also includes all the textual documentation in the patient record system, as well as the time it takes to study possible pre-information. On top of the specialist appointment fee we charge an out patient fee of 31,82 €, that covers the cost for e-recepies and the Kanta-fee. Possible examinations and proceedings during the appointment are charged separately. The Kela-compensation is not observed in the list prices. You can study and compare various cost estimates on our price list.