Wart freezing, suture removal, iontophoresis, procedures

Our nurses are familiar with skin diseases and perform procedures prescribed by a doctor, give advice on care at home, and assess the need for care. You can make an appointment with a nurse without a doctor’s referral for wart freezing, iontophoresis treatment and lab tests (such as STD and allergy tests).

Our nurses can also administer Xolair injections for the treatment of chronic urticaria and free-of-charge instructions on the condition’s treatment. If your doctor has prescribed Xolair treatment for you, you can make an appointment with a nurse to have the treatment performed. You must pick up the medication in advance, using the prescription you were given.

You can make an appointment with a nurse for the above procedures, for instructions regarding them, and for an assessment of your treatment need. You can learn more about our nursing staff on the Experts page and contact them not only through the online booking service, but also by phone on +358 10 419 2000.

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