The Skin Hospital is Finland's first private clinic to specialise in skin conditions. We are at your service in central Helsinki.

We provide treatment in the following areas

Ihosairaala icon lääkäri
The skin

Acne, moles and skin alterations, cosmetic treatments, children's skin, common skin conditions

Ihosairaala icon sukupuolitaudit
Sexually transmitted diseases and intimate body areas

Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, skin conditions in the intimate areas, tests without referrals

Ihosairaala icon veitsi
Plastic surgery

Smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, scar revisions and laser treatment of acne scars, eyelid surgery, lipotransfers, MiniLift - small-scale face or neck lifts, mole removals

Ihosairaalan asiantuntijoita


Our caring, experienced experts provide patient-friendly treatment based on respect for the customer


The Skin Hospital opened a new clinic in Eteläranta

The Skin Hospital responded to the ever-increasing demand for dermatologists and plastic surgeons by opening another clinic in Eteläranta, in addition to the original medical center in Kamppi. The new modern premises have been designed and renovated specifically for the Skin Hospital, and they also include a fully equipped operating theater and a recovery room. This enables our services to be expanded to procedures performed under anesthesia.

Eteläranta Skin Hospital is located near the Old Market Hall on the east side of Kaartinkaupunki. The entrance is on Unioninkatu 13.

Facts about the Ihosairaala:

Ihosairaala icon Euroopan suurin

Europe's largest

and Finland's first private clinic specialising in skin conditions.

Ihosairaala icon - helppo tulla

Easy to reach

The Skin Hospital clinics are located in Kamppi and Eteläranta, which are easily reachable by car and by public transport.

Ihosairaala icon kokemusta

A capable community

Our experts are well experienced, while still constantly training and fruitfully consulting each other.

Ihosairaala icon 15 prosenttia

15 %

of Finland's dermatologists. The best available treatment, based on cooperation between specialists.