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Hair removal with laser

Hair removal with laser

Hair removal with a laser is a handy way of permanently getting rid of any annoying hair. We have a new LinScan laser, designed in Germany, with which treatment is efficient, quick and safe.

The laser treatment is based on pigment in the hair. The laser works at a wavelength of 808 nm, affecting the dark hair follicle by heating it and thereby destroying it. The skin will not become hot, because the handpiece, based on new scanning technology, has efficient cooling to freezing point, making the treatment more comfortable. The scanning laser beam enables a clinically tested, quick and efficient hair removal. For example, treating an armpit only takes a few minutes. 

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If your skin is completely healthy or you have had treatment previously, consultations and bookings can also be made by phone on +358 10 419 2000.

Permanent results require multiple treatments 

The hair removal laser affects growing hair follicles, damaging them with its heat. After the first treatment, some 30 per cent of the hair follicles are damaged and stop growing. However, this is individual and depends on the number of hairs that are in the growth stage. 

Damaged hair follicles are not extracted as is the case with other hair removal lasers, but appear to continue to grow at first. After the second treatment, the damaged hair follicles nevertheless stop growing, and only the remaining hair continues to grow back. This way there is gradually less hair, and it turns lighter. 

For full results, usually four to six treatments are required, four to six weeks apart. After the full treatment, maintenance treatment can be performed if necessary. 

Diode laser, with proven effects 

Our state-of-the-art diode laser has proven efficiency. Studies have shown that its power is identical to that of the alexandrite laser: after five treatments, the treated area has 80% less hair. The new German Linscan laser is also faster, without the smell of burnt hair during treatment. 

From aesthetic hair removal to folliculitis – what can be treated with a laser?  

A hair removal laser is used a lot for aesthetic reasons in the armpit, legs, bikini line, and in the back or facial area. In addition to aesthetic treatments, the diode laser solves the problem of ingrown hair and is also suited to the treatment of folliculitis and hirsutism (excessive growth of hair). When a laser is used to treat folliculitis or hirsutism, it is considered a medical treatment, meaning it is free of VAT and requires a referral from a doctor. 

This is how treatment proceeds 

Treatment begins with an assessment of the area to be treated and the patient’s skin type in order to select the correct settings. Hair is first shaved of carefully. Then the eyes are covered carefully with protective eyewear.  

If the area to be treated is extensive, the laser can be used by sliding the handpiece across the area. Gel may be used for added comfort. Small areas are treated with individual pulses.  

In both cases, the handpiece’s cooled crystal is pressed against the skin before activating the laser pulse, meaning that the heat is hardly felt on the skin and there is no smell of anything burning either. The treatment may feel like uncomfortable tingling on the treated area. 

How to get hair removal treatment? 

Laser treatments for hair removal are carried out by our trained nurses. You can get this treatment directly, following a free consultation with a nurse. During the consultation, we will assess your situation and make an individual treatment plan. A dermatologist may also refer you to this treatment, provided these is an underlying medical reason.  

Before treatment, any hair is shaved off carefully with a razor. We recommend that you do this at home already the day before. Be careful not to get any nicks or cuts, and do not use an epilator. You should also avoid tanning before treatment. After treatment, the skin must be protected well from the sun, using sun protection factor 50 sun block.  

Note! In order for us to get a good idea of the initial situation, please do not shave before the consultation.  

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If your skin is completely healthy or you have had treatment previously, consultations and bookings can also be made by phone on +358 10 419 2000.  


Esteettisenä hoitona                   Hinta / kertamaksu Hinta / 5 kerran sarjahoito
Ylähuuli tai leuka 179.88 € 843.89 €
Kasvot 240.25 € 1 085.34 €
Niska tai kaula 240.25 € 1 085.34 €
Kainalot 240.25 € 1 085.34 €
Kyynärvarret 360.98 € 1 628.61 €
Käsivarret 481.70 € 2 171.89 €
Yläselkä tai rinta tai vatsa 481.70 € 2 171.89 €
Koko selkä tai rinta ja vatsa 723.16 € 3 258.44 €
Bikiniraja 360.98 € 1 628.61 €
Brasilialainen 481.70 € 2 171.89 €
Reidet 723.16 € 3 258.44 €
Sääret 481.70 € 2 171.89 €
Muu lisäalue (pieni) 179.88 € 843.89 €
Sairauden hoitona (SV3-lähete) Hinta / kertamaksu Hinta / 5 kerran sarjahoito
Ylähuuli tai leuka 136.71 € 641.35 €
Kasvot 182.59 € 824.86 €
Niska tai kaula 182.59 € 824.86 €
Kainalot 182.59 € 824.86 €
Kyynärvarret 274.34 € 1 237.75 €
Käsivarret 366.09 € 1 650.64 €
Yläselkä tai rinta tai vatsa 366.09 € 1 650.64 €
Koko selkä tai rinta ja vatsa 549.60 € 2 476.41 €
Bikiniraja 274.34 € 1 237.75 €
Brasilialainen 366.09 € 1 650.64 €
Reidet 549.60 € 2 476.41 €
Sääret 366.09 € 1 650.64 €
Muu lisäalue (pieni) 136.71 € 641.35 €

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