Cure fungal nail infections for the summer!

Have you noticed any changes in your nails? A change in your nails could mean a fungal infection, which can be easily diagnosed with a culture test. You can have this done without a doctor’s referral. Prepared test results will lead to faster treatment by a doctor.
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Many people pay more attention to the condition of their skin and feet as summer approaches. Woollen socks and winter shoes will soon be swapped for sandals and light summer footwear, so now is a good time to examine your feet and nails. If you notice any changes in your nails, a culture test will identify fungal infections, the most common cause of nail problems. Nail alterations could also be a sign of other illnesses.

Please note that culture tests cannot be performed if you are using artificial nails. You must remove gel nails and nail varnish etc. before the culture test. To enable a proper sample to be taken from the nail’s surface, avoid manicures prior to the culture test.

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Fungal nail infections are common

Nail problems are often caused by fungal infections. For example, up to 8% of the population has the fungal nail infection, onychomycosis. A fungal infection can be diagnosed with a culture test, in which a tiny piece of nail is snipped or scraped off for testing. The results are ready within four weeks.

If the sample test is positive, you should see a doctor, since fungal infections are seldom cured by self-treatment. Our specialists have a range of treatments for ensuring that your feet and nails are ready for the summer.

Fungal culture test samples are analysed in two phases

There are two phases when analysing fungal samples. First, a native examination is performed on the sample with a microscope. This provides a positive or negative preliminary result. In most cases, a fungal culture test is then performed, with results in 1–4 weeks.

A culture test can either confirm a negative result, identify the dermatophytes that are causing the infection, or lead to other findings. Once the cause of the infection has been identified, the doctor can select the right treatment to control the fungal infection and restore healthy nails.
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