Katriina Lappalainen

Medical Doctor, skin disease and pathology specialist
"Going into detail helps to solve the patient's problem"

Katriina Lappalainen is a specialist in skin diseases and pathology, treating a wide range of skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Human biology and illnesses have always interested Katriina, which is why she expanded her diagnostic expertise by specialising in pathology as well as skin diseases.

“Skin diseases are an extensive field in which you have to practice problem-solving every day. During my day job as a skin pathologist at the Skin and Allergy Hospital, I study samples in close detail, opening up a new dimension in the cause-and-effect relationship of skin diseases. I want to get to the bottom of my patients’ problems, and am motivated to help them even in challenging cases.”

Katriina makes sure that her patients have a chance to be heard. She is a very experienced doctor and very good at diagnosing skin diseases. Skin disease treatment is basically problem-solving in which, where necessary, you can seek information and consult colleagues to complement your own experience. The main thing is that patients get the help they need.


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Special expertise

  • diagnostics of skin conditions
  • diagnostics of skin alterations and tumours
  • sexually transmitted diseases




  • 20 min €93 / €102.50, including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee
  • In accordance with actual treatment in the case of any examinations and procedures performed.


  • Medical Doctor
  • Specialist in skin and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Pathology specialist
  • No procedures during the first appointment. Before any procedure, come in for a consultation or book an appointment for a procedure by calling 010 419 2000