Kristiina Airola

Medical Doctor, skin disease and allergology specialist
"Listening to the patient intently is a prerequisite for good treatment"

Kristiina Airola is an experienced allergologist, who provides help for a variety of skin conditions. Kristiina is a general dermatologist who is particularly interested in skin cancers, procedures and new drug treatments. She is also a drug industry expert. She became interested in skin conditions due to the versatility of the field.

“Skin conditions are an extremely interesting field of expertise, which involves working with patients, and procedures that require skilful hands. Many conditions are visually diagnosed, but the related procedures require technical expertise. The field is developing quickly and new drug treatments are developing all the time, which is making the area very interesting on the whole.”

Kristiina is known as a friendly doctor who is a good listener and discusses cases with the patients in order to find a suitable treatment. Kristiina is good with patients, discussing all treatment-related matters thoroughly and understandably so that the patient can return home confident that the best treatment has been chosen and that extra help is available if necessary.


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Special expertise

  • Skin cancers and procedures
  • Common skin diseases
  • New drugs




  • 20 min €105/ €116,50 including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee
  • 40 min €210 / €221,00 including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee
  • In accordance with actual treatment in the case of any examinations and procedures performed.


  • Medical Doctor
  • Skin disease and allergology specialist
  • Specialisation in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Small procedures are even possible during the first consultation. If you need more than one mole removed or another procedure, please make an appointment by calling 010 419 2000