Ihotautilääkäri Leea Ylitalo

Leea Ylitalo

Medical Doctor, skin disease specialist
"Good treatment requires a holistic examination of the skin"

Leea Ylitalo is a skin disease specialist with more than two decades of experience in skin cancer diagnostics and treatment. She helped to establish Tampere University Hospital’s procedural unit and has acted as its chief physician for several years. Her interest in various skin alterations, spots and moles are the reason Leea became a dermatologist.

“Skin alterations and spots of various kinds have always interested me. Diagnoses are pretty well visual; a dermatologist must be able to observe the skin in great detail and holistically. The best thing about this work is meeting and helping patients. In the case of tumour treatment and surgery, you can see the results right away, knowing that you have alleviated the patient’s concerns about skin alterations as well as treating the disease.”

Leea treats her patients holistically. We assess the situation carefully and examine the skin in general, even if the patient is concerned about a single mole or small rash. We go through various treatment alternatives so that the patient is aware of the grounds and costs involved. Continuous training and a certain humility about new discoveries are important: these guarantee the patient the best possible treatment.

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Special expertise

  • Skin cancer diagnostics and treatment
  • Mole examination and removal
  • Cryotherapy




  • 20 min 105€*

The doctor’s appointment fee also includes all the textual documentation in the patient record system, as well as the time it takes to study possible pre-information. On top of the specialist appointment fee we charge an out patient fee of 31,82 €, that covers the cost for e-recepies and the Kanta-fee. Possible examinations and proceedings during the appointment are charged separately. The Kela-compensation is not observed in the list prices. You can study and compare various cost estimates on our price list.


  • Medical Doctor
  • Skin disease specialist
  • Tampere University Hospital, chief physician of procedural unit 2004–2017
  • Helsinki University Hospital's Skin and Allergy Hospital's procedural unit
  • More than two decades of experience in skin cancer treatment
  • Small procedures are even possible during the first consultation. If you need more than one mole removed or another procedure, please make an appointment by calling 010 419 2000