Upper eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is performed when upper eyelids have excess skin that disturbs the patient by pressing down on the eyelashes.

When should you consider upper eyelid surgery? 

Upper eyelid surgery may be performed on either cosmetic or medical grounds. Planning treatment usually begins with the patient’s experience of the need for treatment. Upper eyelid surgery can relieve many types of muscle tension and make patients look less tired. The operation is worth considering if:

  1. Your eyelids seem heavy
  2. Loose skin reduces your field of vision
  3. You feel that you continuously have to lift your brows
  4. Your eyelids are swollen
  5. Extra skin covers the upper-lid fold

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Upper eyelid surgery relieves heavy eyelids

Eyelid surgery is a very common, minor procedure for tired-looking or droopy eyelids. Excess skin on the upper lid can also cause muscle tension and headaches, by forcing the patient to raise his or her eyebrows in order to lighten the eyelids.

In some cases, there is so much skin that the eyelids droop at the corners of the eye, restricting the field of vision. Surgery is then part of public healthcare and qualifies for Kela reimbursement.

Upper eyelid surgery at the Skin Hospital is performed by the experienced plastic surgeon, Kai Lassila. The eyelid surgery and individual treatment plan are discussed in advance with Kai at the clinic, after which you can book a time for the procedure. 

Book a time with a plastic surgeon for a consultation about your upper eyelids >

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