Plastiikkakirurgi Aino Rönnblad

Aino Rönnblad

Medical Doctor, plastic surgery specialist
"Apparently small issues can be very big for a patient"

Plastic surgeon Aino Rönnblad is an expert in cosmetic treatments, who can help with all manner of appearance-related issues. For Aino, operating in the middle ground between treating illnesses and cosmetic procedures is the best aspect of plastic surgery, because both areas complement each other.

“The best thing about being a plastic surgeon is that it’s such a versatile field. I enjoy being able to devote my time to patients, concentrating on their problems and listening to their side of the story. I always try to find the best solution for the patient and often find myself encouraging them, as many feel apologetic about getting a small issue fixed. I always emphasise the patient’s experience: small things can be big.”

Aino is a well-liked doctor who is easy to approach. Planning of treatment begins with assessing the patient’s needs, after which we assess the results and any risks involved in the chosen treatment. Once agreement has been reached as to what will be done, Aino performs the surgery with solid professionalism.

Aino provides various injections, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transplants and demanding eyelid and skin alteration surgery, using grafts and flaps.

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Special expertise

  • Injections: botulinum and fillers
  • Upper and lower eyelid operations
  • Lipotransfer
  • Procedures in the facial area
  • Demanding removal of moles and skin alterations using transfers and flaps




  • 30 min €123 / €127.50, including Kela reimbursement and outpatient clinic fee


  • Medical Doctor
  • Plastic surgery specialist