Jasmin Hynninen

Jasmin Hynninen


Jasmin Hynninen’s work at the Skin Hospital involves a variety of cosmetic treatments, facial treatment, chemical exfoliation, anti-age treatment and cleaning of young people’s skin. As a cosmetologist, Jasmin helps customers choose the right products and procedures, which are always tailored to their specific needs.

Jasmin enjoys working with customers of all ages. The latest anti-age facial treatments can have very impressive results for older people. And for younger people with oily skin, thorough cleansing can do the world of good.

“A cosmetologist’s work is nicely varied, because every customer is different. Our job is to help people keep their skin healthy and beautiful.”

Jasmin provides well-informed and friendly personal customer service.  A genuine interest in people and caring about them are the be-all and end-all of excellent service:

“I always listen attentively and ask questions. I want to give every customer the best possible, individualised service, with their particular needs and best interest at heart.”

What Jasmin likes most about her work is meeting people, seeing the results of effective treatments on their skin and promoting their wellbeing. It is important to help customers feel good and confident about themselves. 

“Our goal is excellent results with high-quality skin care products, but helping the customer feel relaxed and well looked after are of course really important too. It’s wonderful to see how customers have such clear, smooth and beautiful skin after the treatment.”

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Special expertise

  • Face treatment
  • Anti-age treatments
  • Skin issue treatments





  • Cosmetologist